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Tin Pan Alley is an innovative TV Series which will run on Showbiz TV from March 2016. From January 1st songwriters from the UK and Republic of Ireland will be able to submit an unpublished song via the Tin Pan Alley web site. These will be judged over a six-week period (January/ February) by a panel of eminent judges, comprising dozens of successful people from across the music industry.

The final six songwriters will get a Tin Pan Alley publishing deal administered by one of the world’s most successful publishers, Peer Music. The winner will also receive the Tin Pan Alley Award for Series One. The winner will also fly to Jamaica to spend a few days recording their songs at the world-famous Geejam Studios.


The TV Series

There will be an explanatory programme ahead of the series, setting the scene and meeting the songwriters, record producers and in-vision judges. The twelve songs with the most votes (and the writers) will be featured in the series and will be assigned a well-known record producer to work on the track.

The premise is that we are making a six-track album, meaning that each week a song will be voted off by the judges and the public and won’t make the final album. The aim is to put our great songwriters back into the limelight. The series will also feature many top songwriters talking about their hit songs and how they wrote them, as well as many artists and writers talking about the importance of the songwriter. Two strands that feature in each show are “Gonna Write A Classic,” and “I Write the Songs.”

The original Tin Pan Alley (London’s Denmark St) was the home of our greatest songwriters and publishers from almost a century. The new Tin Pan Alley is here and once again the songwriter has a home and somewhere for their songs to be heard.

Tin Pan Alley will be directed by award winning film director Brian Grant. Brian Grant has been directing and producing music and drama for over 35 years. In the golden age of music videos during the 80’s, he made major award winning videos for Olivia Newton John, Tina Turner, Peter Gabriel, Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran and Queen. See more here

Tin Pan Alley will be produced by award winning television producer Scott Millaney. Scott Millaney is one of the founders of today’s music video industry. Producing Film and TV for over 35 years, his credits include major award winning videos for Olivia Newton John, Duran Duran, David Bowie, Queen and Elton John – including several Grammys. Millaney currently produces the long running music TV franchise “Video Killed the Radio Star” for Sky Arts and last year produced the music documentary for cinema “Soul Boys of the Western World”. Millaney founded production powerhouses MGMM and Initial Film and TV, the output of which was synonymous with the birth of MTV and the resurgence of independent British Cinema in the 80’s and beyond.


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Win the chance to record your songs in Jamaica!
You could be recording your new album in Jamaica at the famous GeeJam Studios.
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Register your song today & take it to the next level.
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The Competition Is Now Closed!

From hundreds of songs of very high standards, our industry judges have voted the entries down to 30 songs, on which they are voting again to determine the final 12. Obviously these will be only be revealed on the TV series. The submissions have underlined the quality of UK songwriters as the task of whittling the songs down to 12 finalists has proved a daunting and tricky task. If your song didn’t make this series, it may make the next!